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Dr. Larry D. Coble is Managing Associate of On Track Press, Inc., former long-time Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Executive Director of the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium. He is author of Lessons Learned from Experience: A Practical Developmental Source Book for Educational Leaders (First and Second Editions); co-author of Staying on Track (First and Second Editions); The Hidden Leader: Leadership Lessons on the Potential Within; Teacher Renewal: Stories of Inspiration to Balance Your Life with Dale L. Brubaker; and SYI (Strategies for Your Improvement) with Melody Clodfelter and Dale L. Brubaker.

Dr. Coble is also a former Senior Program Associate at the Center for Creative Leadership. During his career, Coble served in four superintendencies, has also been a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  A long-time leader of staff development in school districts where he served, Coble has for the past twenty-five years, worked with numerous leadership development programs at the national level as a private consultant, taught at the university level, served as Director of the Collegium for the Advancement of Schools, and worked with university partnerships.  

On Track Press, Inc. was founded by Dr. Coble with a core group of outstanding associates to provide leadership training and development; technical/consulting services;  coaching for school improvement, and executive coaching services.  On Track Press, Inc. works primarily with school superintendents, district-level leaders, principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders. 

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