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Strategies for Your Improvement: A Developmental Guide for Educational Leaders Utilizing 360° Feedback

Research suggests that 360-degree assessment offers the most credible source of feedback for enhancing one's leadership; however, developing leaders who receive this feedback are often hard pressed to know how best to address their developmental need areas. SYI - Strategies for your Improvement relies on research and the experiences of the authors to identify proven strategies for improvement on an array of leadership competencies specifically for educational leaders. The user friendly format will be helpful to the leader in creating a professional development plan for further growth while responding to a 360-degree feedback. It is useful as leaders coach and mentor developing leaders on their staffs.

by Larry. D. Coble

Lessons Learned From Experience: A Practical Developmental Source Book for Educational Leaders

by Larry D. Coble

"This well-documented and well-written book captures practical lessons of leadership from those in schools and on the firing line everyday. It is a must read for those who want to improve their practice of leadership and for those who aspire to leadership at any level, from teacher leader to superintendent."

~  Russ S. Moxley
Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics,
Greensboro College
Former, Senior Fellow, Center for Creative
Leadership: Author, Leadership and Spirit

"The lessons themselves almost emerge as a cross between a well recognized leadership axiom and the sage advice from those who have indeed 'been there and done that.'"

~  Kenneth D. Jenkins
Professor of Educational Leadership,
Appalachian State University

Staying on Track: An Educational Leader's
Guide to Preventing Derailment and Ensuring
Personal and Organizational Success.

Dale Brubaker and Larry D. Coble.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 1997

The Hidden Leader: Leadership
Lessons on the Potential Within.

Dale Brubaker and Larry D. Coble.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2004

Teacher Renewal: Stories of Inspiration to Balance Your Life.   Dale Brubaker and Larry D. Coble.

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